BookBloke is a blog about books, and I'm a bloke. If you’re not sure what a bloke is, it is simply a man. Why not BookMan you ask, because book man sounds to me like a hero with super powers relating to books, that isn't me. All I do is read books and write about how they made me feel, the good aspects and the bad.

The reason I have taken to writing a blog is obviously because of my love of books. I am a reader, not a writer so I will apologise now for any spelling or grammatical errors you might come across, this is simply for fun, a hobby. I also love helping authors promote their books. Being married to a self-published author has opened my eyes to the hard work and commitment a authors has to invest in today’s market. I also want to get men more active in the online reading community, check out the Goodreads Book Blokes group here where blokes can chat and discuss books.

My favourite book genres, all of which are manly, include post apocalypse, horror, fantasy and sci-fi. Some of my favourite books are The Passage, Patient Zero, Hater, Lord of the Rings and the Harry Potter series. I also enjoy comics and graphic novels.

I won't bore you with my life story but I will provide a brief background (stop reading now if you do not care). I am married with three beautiful children, two girls and a boy, all of which run me off my feet and will no doubt be directly linked to my reading and blog activity. I work as a secondary school teacher and in my spare time I read a lot, pump iron, eat steak and fight grizzly bears with my bare hands.

Thanks for stopping by, if you like my blog that's great, please follow if not... o well.